Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Bad Blogger!

I have been a very bad blogger indeed! No posts for a month. So this is catch up before Christmas week. Starting with how to cope when you're ill, and you've said you'll make 30ish cupcakes for the school Christmas Party? You sit on a chair in the kitchen and get your other half to do the cupcaking! And it works quite well. Until you forget you're leaving your cakes in for 5 more minutes and leave them in for 20, thinking they're a fresh batch. Yep, I did this. Despite my clearly better half saying 'will they be ready yet?'. Always, always listen! Luckily this batch made about 50, so losing 12 wasn't too much of a pain. Here she is piping buttercream onto them. They were vanilla pound cake with purple vanilla buttercream.

Piping Buttercream

The purple wasn't as deep as I wanted it to be, but I's added loads of Sugarflair Christmas Red and Dr. Okter Blue, and it wasn't getting any deeper, but the hue was there. The reason for purple? Our school's colour is purple. Logical now, isn't it? End result, she did a fab job.

Vanilla Cupcakes with Purple Vanilla Buttercream

I was happy, the teacher's raved about them. One problem, Kian's teacher can't have flour. So now I have to find a recipe for flour-free cupcakes so she can try some too.